Uptime's April 2020 Outage Report Reveals a Strong Month for E-Commerce and Ongoing Threats for Companies

Uptime's April 2020 Outage Report Reveals a Strong Month for E-Commerce and Ongoing Threats for Companies

April 2020 yielded some significant DevOps trends, but across several industries, the evidence is clear: a proactive approach saves costs.

Uptime's April 2020 Outage Report highlighted some key vulnerabilities across a number of industries and the steps involved in their resolution. The top uptime performers included the e-commerce sector and the whole of social media, but notable companies including Snapchat, Google, Virgin Media, as well as businesses in the financial industry, experienced hurdles in maintaining a smooth user experience due to outages.

Stay-at-home orders across much of the U.S. led to a massive influx of new users for Snapchat. Their already thriving user base swelled by an additional 11 million daily active users in the first quarter of 2020, creating vulnerabilities for the DevOps team. The soaring demand for connectivity resulted in some intermittent service interruptions over the course of two days, but even despite the increase in traffic, the DevOps team at Snapchat still continued to release improvements and new features.

Google's Gmail also experienced some service interruption, with downtime of up to an hour for users located in Eastern and Central time zones. Users were unable to login, receive messages, or load the page to completion. Despite the outage, Google was able to maneuver the situation with finesse by quickly responding to its user base. They immediately apologized and reassured users, acknowledged the issue and kept outage resolution as their primary focus. Overall, worldwide productivity remained mostly unhindered as a result of the meticulous planning and preparation by Google's DevOps team.

Despite nearly the entirety of business happening via e-commerce, the major players in the industry maintained an uptime percentage of 99.95% — 17 hours total of collective downtime. Even with the increased strain on servers due to a majority of retailers moving to online sales as a result of COVID-19, the e-commerce industry still managed to execute.

The mobile video platform Quibi experienced launch day woes following a large-scale marketing push. The DevOps team faced nearly an hour of downtime on launch day before eventually resolving the issue, possibly among one of the worst-case scenarios for any new platform. In the report, Uptime.com notes a launch day disaster like Quibi's can be a teachable moment for every organization. They add that preparation, planning and implementation are a key part of every successful launch.

Uptime.com's April Outage Report reflects findings from their 2019 Annual Outage Report and once again reveals that businesses, regardless of size, aren't immune from the threats of interruptions, whether they're malicious or not. Uptime.com notes that DevOps is about inventing survivability. They suggest that organizations implement a proactive approach, such as preparing and training DevOps teams, so that they are in a better position and well-equipped to provide a timely resolution to unforeseen outages with a calm, effective response.

For the full report and to learn more, visit: https://uptime.com/blog/april-2020-outage-report.

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