Uptime.com Releases Group Checks for Customizable Downtime Alerting

Uptime.com's new Group Check nests interrelated checks with customizable alert conditions, making it easier and more accessible to track the performance and downtime of complex systems collectively.

Uptime.com, the website performance monitoring solution for thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft and BNP Paribas, announces the release of its newest feature, Group Checks. Group Checks nest interrelated checks with customizable alert conditions, allowing organizations to create endless monitoring possibilities that make tracking performance and downtime for complex systems easier and more accessible.

Complex systems have large numbers of interrelated elements; it can be easy to tell which pieces are down but a bigger challenge to understand the nature of the outage in the context of those systems. Group Checks offer a high-level view of entire systems far beyond the capabilities of individual checks. When responding to a major outage, data from the whole system's uptime is equally critical as its components.

Group Checks are available for every Uptime.com user regardless of subscription level. Users can add checks individually, by tag, or using the Bulk Selection tool. Downtime is defined by a preset condition; alerts are fully customizable and can be set for when any one of various conditions are met, including:

  • a set number of checks are down.
  • a set percentage of checks are down.
  • any or all checks are down.

"Customizing alerts for complex systems is a critical aspect for tracking performance and downtime," said Uptime CEO Mike Welsh. "Grouping checks provides better SLA reporting, granular control over alerts, and improves observability in complex systems." 

One failed check doesn't always mean the entire team needs to be alerted. Group Checks facilitate effective escalation and ensure that the appropriate stakeholders receive alerts when specific conditions for the entire Group are met. When an alert is issued, recipients get an overview of every check that failed and rapid access to the tools they need to analyze and diagnose those failures. 

As pipelines grow and scale with increased user demand, Group Checks are a powerful tool that offer endless monitoring possibilities to help simplify an increasingly complex monitoring job.

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