Uptime.com Selected As ProPublica's Website Monitoring Partner For 2020 Electionland Coverage

Real-time monitoring of thousands of sites, incident alerting protects voter interests, transparency

​ProPublica and Uptime.com today announced their partnership to monitor downtime events across thousands of national elections-related websites which may cover voter information, online registration, polling and registration site lookup, and election returns sites. Data provided by Uptime.com will support the nonprofit newsroom's Electionland project for the second time after a successful collaboration during the Nov. 2018 Midterms. 

ProPublica's Electionland project covers problems that prevent eligible voters from casting ballots during the 2020 elections; investigating issues related to voter registration, pandemic-related changes to voting, the shift to vote-by-mail, cybersecurity, voter education, and misinformation.

Uptime.com, an industry-leading website uptime and performance monitoring vendor, plays a critical role in identifying incidents of hacking, fraud, or other issues that may impede the voting process. 

"The cyber-security of local election infrastructure is critically important," said Scott Klein, Deputy Managing Editor at ProPublica in New York. "As our technical partner, Uptime.com is monitoring thousands of state and local election websites to help identify potential cyber-attacks against United States election infrastructure, as well other problems that might disrupt voting or cast doubt on the integrity of the election."

"Uptime.com proudly supports independent investigative journalism providing critical real-time incident coverage during this historic election cycle," says Daniel Gershuni, Uptime.com Chief Product Officer. "Following the successful 2018 collaboration, we look forward to once again offering robust support of ProPublica's initiatives and helping them in their mission to enable all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote."

Have a voting issue? Report it one of three ways below and empower investigative journalists and protect the public interest:

  • SMS: Text the word VOTE (VOTA for Spanish) to 81380
  • WhatsApp: Send the word VOTE (VOTA for Spanish) to 1-850-909-8683
  • Facebook Messenger: m.me/electionland

About Uptime.com

Founded in 2013 & headquartered in Manhattan, Uptime.com is an industry-leading website uptime & performance solution with customers including Apple, Microsoft, Ford Motors, Intuit & IBM. Co-founded by seasoned B2B software entrepreneurs, Uptime.com has been ranked by TechRadar for the past two years as the Best overall website monitoring service.

About ProPublica

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates and exposes abuses of power by the government, businesses, and other institutions. The organization created Electionland as a free, collaborative resource for journalists to share data and leads regarding election problems in their area. The goal: to help reporters shed light on troubling issues like harassment at the polls, ballot confusion, misleading information, and broken voting machines.



Source: Uptime.com