Uptime.com's Upgraded Transaction Checker Helps Supercharge Synthetic Monitoring

Improvements to Functionality and Usability Make Transaction Checks a Powerful Addition to Automated QA and Performance Testing

Faulty hardware, human error, and unplanned disasters are an unavoidable part of business technology, striking systems across every industry. Uptime.com aims to minimize those occurrences, introducing a massive upgrade to its transaction checker that provides DevOps improved visibility into these systems, along with powerful functionality. The upgrades, developed through critical customer feedback, are key in minimizing potential downtime and reducing the impact that downtime can have.

Transaction monitoring offers an automated solution to routine uptime monitoring web applications, ensuring a smooth user experience. Recent updates introduce support for new commands, tags, support for variables, and improved technical detail to assist with diagnosis. DevOps are provided increased functionality, flexibility, and transparency that help keep downtime to a minimum, ensuring a seamless experience for end-users.

Uptime.com synthetic monitors also collect performance metrics, providing critical data for when things do go wrong. Screenshots, coupled with detailed reporting offer more context to an outage, enabling DevOps to quickly react to downtime events. Less downtime means more business. With these upgrades, it’s now easier and more intuitive to develop an automated synthetic monitoring solution with little to no coding knowledge.

With quality of life in mind, these upgrades to Uptime.com’s transaction checker open up transaction monitoring to a wider array of websites. The transaction check tool’s increased flexibility, versatility, and functionality allow for an increased degree of possibilities in testing, creating a better environment and experience for both DevOps and customers.

About Uptime.com

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Source: Uptime.com