Uptime.com Collaborates With Amazon Web Services on Single Sign-On

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New integration system enhances security, streamlines enterprise workflow, and boosts productivity

​​​​​​Web monitoring service ​Uptime.com​ today announced that it is now working with ​Amazon Web Service​s (AWS) to provide Single Sign-On (SSO), an advanced cloud service that allows enterprise companies to manage hundreds or even thousands of users via a centralized login system. 

The addition of AWS SSO can significantly boost efficiency and productivity for clients. Any business application that uses the SAML 2.0 protocol can be integrated onto a single dashboard, simplifying employee access to numerous platforms with just one username and password. 

The system allows administrators to easily add, delete, and update users, so that tech teams can spend less time on login issues and more time working on larger problems. Moreover, AWS’s deep investment in cybersecurity means enhanced protection against hackers—a critical benefit for any enterprise.

“While SSO provides great value when it’s set up and running, it’s not uncommon for our users to experience some challenges during the setup process,” said Daniel Gershuni, Chief Product and Revenue Officer at Uptime.com. “We are delighted that AWS has developed a pre-configured app for the Uptime.com integration for the benefit of our customers.”

The service is available to Uptime.com’s Superior, Business, and Enterprise customers. 

Uptime.com/AWS customers can find Uptime.com in the ​AWS SSO catalog​ along with updated public documentation. These end-users will see the integration in their AWS SSO end-user portal. Instructions for administrators to configure SSO will be in the Uptime.com application in the catalog. 

The pre-configured application includes specific instructions for integration with AWS SSO, eliminating the need for back-and-forth with support teams. In addition, Uptime.com’s experts are available to help users set up and integrate AWS SSO to their account.

Uptime.com offers constant website and server monitoring, instantaneous performance alerts, and fast issue analysis from 32 different locations around the world. Products and services include monitoring for downtime, page speed loading issues, transactions, synthetic, user experience analytics, domain health checks, malware detection, and status history. 

For information about the product and its features, please see https://aws.amazon.com/single-sign-on

About Uptime.com 

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Manhattan, ​Uptime.com​ is an industry-leading website uptime and performance solution with customers including Kraft, BNP Paribas, SAGE Publishing, and Autodesk. Cofounded by seasoned B2B software entrepreneurs, Uptime.com was ranked by ​TechRadar as a top 5 best website monitoring service​.


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