Uptime.com Announces Seasoned SaaS Sales and Executive Leader Mike Welsh as CEO

The website-monitoring software leader handpicked Welsh due to his strong track record of revenue and leadership success.

Uptime.com -- a top-rated website-monitoring software that provides peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft, and BNP Paribas -- announced the hiring of Mike Welsh as Chief Executive Officer. Welsh brings more than two decades of sales and revenue leadership experience to Uptime.com, driving growth for a number of public and private software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

"With Uptime.com already serving thousands of happy customers and growing more than 100% year-to-year, not to mention the top-rated monitoring product and support in the space, joining Uptime.com is a once-in-a-career opportunity," Welsh said. "With so much clutter and slick marketing in the space, it's really exciting to be part of Uptime's elegant tech, best-in-business support and thoughtful approach. These will continue to anchor our vision moving forward."

Welsh's vision for Uptime.com includes four major executive goals: 

  • Keep the customer experience a top priority.
  • Assemble a world-class senior leadership team within the organization.
  • Create a unique and innovative company culture.
  • Scale Uptime.com's revenue and customer base.

Before joining Uptime.com, Welsh served as chief revenue officer at Inspired eLearning, where he led Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success as a member of the executive management team through its sale to J2 Global in November 2020. 

From 2016 to 2019, Welsh served as vice president of sales at Chargify, where the company more than doubled total revenue during his tenure. Welsh built Chargify's consultative sales force from the ground up, scaling up to enterprise-level operations before its successful sale to Battery.com. 

Welsh also started sales at Mosso, eventually becoming the Rackspace Cloud, a pioneering cloud-computing service, which he helped build, sell and scale from zero to $80 million during his 11-year tenure. Today, Rackspace Cloud boasts an active user base of over 13,000 customers.

Source: Uptime.com